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18th October 2023  Product update: Kemin Industries, Inc.

ButiShield™ For Targeted, Slow Release Butyric Acid in GI Tract

ButiShield™ is an encapsulated low-odor source of calcium butyrate safe for daily consumption that provides a targeted release of >35% butyric acid.  A short chain fatty acid Butyrate has science-based health benefits for strength, health, and integrity of the intestinal wall, leading to extra-intestinal health benefits.

Butyrate works by serving as a primary energy source for healthy intestinal cells and supports intestinal barrier integrity. Butyrate also works by helping shape a healthy microbiome and gastrointestinal environment and serves as a signaling molecule to regulate numerous metabolic processes at the cellular level.

Kemin reports ButiShield may offer the following benefits:

  • Helps shape a healthy microbiome and gastrointestinal environment
  • Primary energy source for healthy intestinal cells
  • Support of a healthy intestinal barrier integrity
  • Promotes a healthy gastrointestinal environment

Next-Generation Encapsulation Technology
ButiShield is produced using MicroPEARLS®,  a proprietary spray-freezing technology which helps to mask the typical unpleasant odor of butyric acid and promote a targeted, slow release in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract to deliver butyric acid where it delivers maximum benefit. For over 60 years, Kemin has designed, finetuned, validated and mastered our encapsulation technologies. Our cutting edge MicroPEARLS technology with butyrate has serviced the animal health industry for years and now Kemin has elevated it to the next level for human health.

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Date Published: 18th October 2023

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