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27th March 2024  Content supplied by: Burcon Nutrascience Corporation

Burcon Successfully Scales Commercial Production of 95% Hempseed Protein Isolate

  • With end-to-end validation trials completed, Burcon has started commercial-scale production of the world's first high-purity 95% hempseed protein isolate.
  • Commercial saleable quantities of the 95% hempseed protein isolate will fulfill initial customer orders.
  • Anticipated commercial sales and production campaigns are expected first half of 2024 - to meet growing customer demand.

Burcon NutraScience Corporation has successfully completed end-to-end validation trials and will start commercial-scale production for the world’s first high purity 95% hempseed protein isolate.

Burcon has achieved a significant milestone with the successful scale-up of its groundbreaking hempseed protein isolate at its partner manufacturer’s production facility.  From its production runs, Burcon produced high-quality, commercial saleable quantities of its 95% hempseed protein isolate to fulfill initial customer orders.

This is a watershed moment for Burcon and a testament to the dedication and expertise of our talented team,” said Kip Underwood, Burcon’s chief executive officer.  “With our capital-light approach, we are rapidly bringing our next generation, best-in-class proteins to market.  As we transition into a revenue-generating company, we expect to start commercial sales and capture value for our shareholders.”

Anticipated commercial sales and further production campaigns of Burcon's hempseed protein are slated for the first half of 2024 to meet growing customer demand. With a proven supply chain source, Burcon believes it is strategically positioned not only to tap into a multi-billion-dollar addressable market but also to launch additional protein products, advancing its Burcon 2.0 business plan toward profitability.

There is strong customer demand for high-quality hempseed protein with exceptional taste, color and functionality,” said Marc van Burck, HPS’s chief executive officer.  “We believe that the 95% hempseed protein isolate is a game changer that can tap into a burgeoning hemp foods market.  We look forward to providing our customers with this truly innovative product.”

For inquiries regarding product samples and information, prospective customers are encouraged to directly reach out to HPS Sales Team here.

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Date Published: 27th March 2024

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