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29th March 2023  Product update: newprotein staff writer

BSI Whitepaper On The Future of Sustainable Alternative Proteins: Cultivated Meats

Currently, the market for cultured meats is limited to a few start-ups in Europe, US  and Asia. This is because companies must overcome a number of technological and regulatory challenges before cultivated meats can be sold in supermarkets.

Standardisation is a key challenge. Every ingredient used in the production of cultivated meats must undergo food safety testing and be approved for use in foods in every global region where the product will be sold.

The process of cultured meats begins with the collection of stem cells, which are then manipulated and grown into a type of tissue that is suitable for eating. The stem cells are fed nutrients, cultivated in large steel vessels called bioreactors and processed into what looks and tastes like meat.

Whether cultivated meats will be widely accepted remains to be seen, although research suggests that people’s attitudes towards this type of protein may vary depending on how much information they have about it.

The cultivated meat sector is expanding rapidly and attracting huge interest and investment but will it become the norm in the production of high-quality and sustainably produced protein?

BSI (British Standards Institution) has a whitepaper that explores this alternative protein and how standardization could help cultivated meats transition from lab to market in the near future.

Download the Free Whitepaper Here



Date Published: 29th March 2023

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