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26th October 2021  Content supplied by: Protenga Pte Ltd

Black Soldier Fly as Alternative Protein to Cater Shrimp Feed Demand

Protenga developed a data-driven Insect Technology approach that enables a circular economy of nutrients, producing best-in-class, sustainable insect products for aquaculture and pet food.

Based on the controlled and traceable farming of the Black Soldier Fly larvae, Protenga developed its flagship product Hermet Protein for Aqua. It’s a natural, healthier, and sustainable feed ingredient. Particularly in shrimp, Hermet Protein offers:

  • functional benefits with respect to feed intake
  • prebiotic effects to support digestive function
  • increased feed efficiency at inclusion rates ranging from 0.5-5% based on life-cycle stage and production system. 
  • The inclusion of Hermet Protein for Aqua might for example, reduce the susceptibility to diseases such as vibrio, strengthening innate immune response and reducing risk for the farmer.

Hermet Protein for Aqua is high in digestible protein, essential amino acids, prebiotic chitin and anti-microbial lipids. These are easily metabolised and digested by the aquaculture species, with less shrimp excrement and water-dissolved feed thanks to higher assimilation of nutrients.

Hermet Protein for Aqua comes in a fine meal form or as pellets with a palatable fragrance, light-brown color and physical properties that make handling, formulation and mixing simple.

Reliable, responsible, and traceable insect production is part of Protenga's mission of ‘Making Insects Work for You’. Its products are fully traceable and produced reliably year-round creating a sustainable ingredient supply opportunity to support feed millers and farms in the transition to a sustainable, climate-friendly and fully marine-ingredient-free aquaculture practice.

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Date Published: 26th October 2021

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