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12th December 2020  Content supplied by: Jellatech

Biotech Start-up Jellatech Is on a Mission to Produce Animal-Free Gelatin and Collagen

Photographs by Jellatech, Captured by Camilo F. Muñoz Segovia

The portfolio of animal-based food ingredients developed using cellular agriculture keeps expanding.

B2B biotech start-up Jellatech announced the launch of their cell culture-based collagen and gelatin for applications in the food and beverages, cosmetics, and pharma industries.

Traditionally, collagen and gelatin are obtained from animal by-products such as pork skins, pork and cattle bones, split cattle hides, or fish. Jellatech will be the first start-up to produce these ingredients in an animal-free way: “Our goal is to produce slaughter-free collagen and gelatin using cell culture, helping society to stop depending on animals for food and cosmetics products. Because we have complete control over all stages of the process, our products will also be safer, purer, and of higher quality than those extracted from animal carcasses,” says Jellatech co-Founder & Head of Science Kylie van Deinsen-Hesp.

“Instead of isolating and purifying collagen and gelatin from animals we use our proprietary method to grow and purify them all in the same place. We don’t require land, live animals, shipping, slaughtering and various complicated processes. This way we can ensure high quality, purity, and safe, sustainable downstream processes,” says Co-Founder & CEO Stephanie Michelsen.

The start-up is backed by Big Idea Ventures and Sustainable Food Ventures. “We’re excited to be investing and backing two incredible scientist entrepreneurs on a mission to end the use of animals for collagen and gelatin in the cosmetics and food industries. Using cell-based alternatives to animal products is a game changer for our planet and for the animals” Ryan Bethencourt, Partner, Sustainable Food Ventures

“A big idea from a great team who will grow the best quality gelatin and collagen products from cells. Jellatech’s approach eradicates the traditional complex steps to purify, concentrate, and dry gelatin from fish skins, bovine bone, and porcine skins. Jellatech’s ambition is to deliver better quality gelatin and collagen in a simpler, more sustainable way.” Andrew D. Ive, Managing General Partner, Big Idea Ventures.



Date Published: 12th December 2020

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