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15th December 2020  Content supplied by: Biospringer

Biospringer Launches Yeast Protein With Neutral Taste for Plant-Based Products

Plant-based proteins often come with earthy or beany off-notes that may spoil the intended flavour of the formulations.

To solve this problem, Biospringer launched Springer Proteissimo™ 101, a yeast-derived protein with a neutral taste but as nutrient-dense as other plant-based ingredients.

Thanks to its lack of troublesome off-flavours, Springer Proteissimo™ 101 is particularly indicated for food manufacturers that want to develop a distinct sensory profile in ready meals, high protein snacks, vegan sausages or burgers, and cheese substitutes.

“In cheese substitutes, our customers report that Springer Proteissimo™ 101 provides good melting properties and maintains a creamy texture,” says Product Manager Vanessa Gougeon. “In vegan burgers, Springer Proteissimo™ 101 improves chewability, offers minimal colour impact and improves the meaty perception due to its clean flavour profile.”

Yeast is a good source of complete protein, it contains all essential amino acids, including high branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) and lysine, and has the same digestibility score of soy protein. What's more, it's a natural ingredient consumers are very familiar with.

“Yeast has the benefit of being well-known and appreciated by customers worldwide. Indeed, according to an independent study conducted for Biospringer, 83% of adults consider yeast protein to be a good source of protein. Using yeast in food products for its protein content is just a new way to focus on the value of this ingredient that has been used for millennia," says Gougeon.

Yeast is also gluten-free and, unlike animal or plant proteins, requires less space and natural resources to grow. As it’s not dependent on harvest or seasonality, it can ensure a more stable supply.

Proteissimo™ 101 fits quite well in Biospringer's portfolio. Since its foundation in 1872, the French company has produced yeast extracts and yeast-derived ingredients. Today, Biospringer is a Business Unit of Lesaffre, and a key producer of vegan flavours for meat and cheese analogues, including chicken, beef and cheese flavours.

The Proteissimo project has been driven by Lesaffre R&D in cooperation with French and European Institutes or CRO’s like Agro Paris Tech, the Wageningen University, Improve, ProDigest, Ecoact and Campden BRI.

“With the launch of Springer Proteissimo™ 101, Biospringer confirms its capacity to innovate and implement a strategy that always keeps at its core the needs of customers and the expectations of each consumer," says Hanane Lamjaj, Biospringer Global Marketing Director.



Date Published: 15th December 2020

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