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15th June 2023  Product update: Onego Bio

Bioalbumen™ - Animal-free Egg White Protein Produced With Precision Fermentation

Onego Bio's Bioalbumen™, an animal-free egg white protein produced with precision fermentation, has been selected as a winner of Fast Company’s 2023 World Changing Ideas Awards. Fast Company has named Bioalbumen™ as both the winner of the Food category and a Finalist in the Agriculture category.

“We’re honored to have Bioalbumen™ recognized by Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards as the winner in the Food category and finalist in the Agriculture category,” said Maija Itkonen, cofounder and CEO, Onego Bio. “As widely used as they are, egg whites are often the last frontier before entirely animal-free products can be manufactured. Ovalbumin is ‘one of nature’s wonders’. We anticipate that by bringing such an important ingredient to the market, many food system challenges can be solved, even outside of the egg market.”

Bioalbumen™ is an animal-free egg white protein produced using precision fermentation. The scalable and efficient biotech process is based on harnessing the microorganism Trichoderma reesei for egg protein production, with the help of water, sugar, and certain minerals. The method can be compared to beer production, in which the microorganism is fed sugar to produce alcohol. The outcome in this process is Bioalbumen™ powder, which is identical to egg white protein powder - without the need for chickens.

Onego Bio’s production technology is unique in that it can be scaled up into large industrial bioreactors and produces levels of the desired protein efficiently with little to no waste, since the side stream biomass can be utilized as well in products like packaging materials or animal-free mycelium leather.

Bioalbumen™ provides all the nutritional and functional upsides of egg white, without the environmental, ethical, safety and supply chain-related concerns. It can maintain all the performance of egg white, including foaming, gelling, binding and leavening properties which are challenging to replace with other ingredients.

“Bioalbumen™ is not a substitute. It is the real thing. It is part of an emerging category of animal-free ingredients produced through fermentation,” said Maija Itkonen.




Date Published: 15th June 2023

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