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18th October 2023  Content supplied by: FERM FOOD

Binders: Multifunctional and Fermented Whole Grain Ingredients

FERM FOOD has launched its clean-label binders for foods based on fermented wholegrain ingredients.

Competitive, Healthy, and Multifunctional
How it works: Rye, oats, and wheat are added to a mix of natural lactic acid bacteria and subsequently undergo a controlled solid-state fermentation process with a low CO2 footprint. The fermentation process gives the final product a wide range of properties, including malleability and high water binding capacity, but also nutritional benefits, such as a high content of dietary fibres and improved availability of vitamins and minerals. These multifunctional ingredients can be used in various products and contribute to many functions, including organic foods with gluten-free options.


Product Developer Søren Lange from FERM FOOD is the brains behind the new whole grain ingredients. He has worked with proteins and binders for many years, but especially this product, he has looked forward to presenting to the food manufacturers:


What we’ve created is unique. This is a solution to a longstanding demand in the industry. Its functionality can be used in many contexts while being competitive in price. I have only received positive feedback when I presented the products. Customers refer to them as super-usable and innovative. Already existing recipes can be simplified and improved”, he says.

Ready for Large-scale Production
The FERM FOOD team has been working on solid-state lactic acid fermentation since 2008. With several patents in the field, FERM FOOD is already engaged in large-scale production of other types of fermented products. The pilot factory in Denmark is now in progress with the final laboratory tests, quality assurance, and preparation for large-scale production of their new products to meet industry demand.


There is great interest from food producers in baked goods, meat, and plant-based products. We have already established fruitful collaborations with the food industry and test new products with major players in the industry”, says CEO of FERM FOOD, Jens Legarth. He expects the first products with the new fermented grain ingredients to land on shelves in 2024.


Fermented Grain Properties
Fermented grains have many properties that virtually all food categories can benefit from. The products can be used as ingredients in both bakery, meat products, and plant-based categories and contribute with, among other things:

  • Unique binding capacity
  • Malleability
  • Consistency
  • Fill and texture
  • High water binding capacity
  • Gumminess
  • Heat and frost-stable
  • Naturally preserved and clean label
  • Low activation temperature
  • Improved nutrient profile in the finished product (including prebiotics and increased availability of nutrients)
  • Low CO2 footprint

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Date Published: 18th October 2023

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