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8th February 2023  Content supplied by: BENEO

BENEO Offers Plant-based Portfolio for Appealing Meat Alternatives

According to a global survey on behalf of BENEO, having a pleasant taste and texture is the number one shopping motivator for flexitarian meat and fish alternative consumers. In the past, the taste of plant proteins had a limiting effect on their appeal. However, thanks to increasing efforts in new product development, companies such as BENEO have developed high-quality proteins that deliver in terms of both taste and texture.

For example, the company’s range of textured wheat protein, BeneoPro W-Tex, can be used in a wide array of plant-based applications, such as meat-free burgers, meatballs, sausages, or chicken strips. After hydration, it offers a granular, fibrous structure similar to minced meat. Thanks to its neutral taste, textured wheat protein can be easily flavored with a variety of herbs and spices. The ingredient is also very easy to use, as it hydrates quickly and is freeze/thaw stable and thus optimal for challenging processing conditions, making it suitable for frozen ready meals.

To provide manufacturers with a broader and more versatile toolbox of texturizing solutions for meat and fish alternatives, BENEO acquired Dutch company Meatless B.V. in 2022. The unique Meatless portfolio of textured plant-based ingredients includes solutions derived from raw materials such as rice, pea, faba beans, or quinoa.

Foreseen for the second quarter of 2023, BENEO will also introduce its first-ever semi-finished product: plant-based chicken chunks made with myco- and pea protein. With an authentic fibrous chicken-like structure, a juicy mouthfeel, and an irregular shape by design, BENEO’s ready-to-use vegan chicken chunks offer food producers a scalable and effective way to tap into the plant-based trend.

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Date Published: 8th February 2023

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