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14th July 2021  Content supplied by: Ministry of Mylk

Alt-Dairy Brands Urged to Copy Techniques of Their Dairy Rivals

Ministry of Mylk, is a new, recently launched global marketing community for alt-dairy products or brands, with a message urging dairy alternatives to come together and mirror dairy industry techniques.

Created with a mission to help grow alt-dairy products and brands, whether plant-based milk or ice cream, cheese or chocolate, Ministry of Mylk is encouraging dairy alternatives to join forces to accelerate the pace of change.

Ministry of Mylk’s CEO Adrian Dinsdale said: “In the last few years, the alt-dairy industry has been gaining substantial ground on its old-fashioned rival and the Oatly IPO just shows how much excitement there is in the space right now. But we must face the fact that dairy alternatives still account for only a small percentage of sales in most markets. We’re committed to helping the world’s great alt-dairy brands tell their stories, accelerate growth and making dairy alternatives an everyday staple for more people around the world.”

Successful applicants will be invited to take up annual membership of Ministry of Mylk and benefit from collective marketing initiatives, online webinars and networking events, as well as the opportunity to carry the Ministry of Mylk mark on their packaging and other marketing touchpoints.

Adrian Dinsdale added: “For years, national and international dairy associations have existed to help bolster the fortunes of the global dairy industry. At Ministry of Mylk, we felt it was time that a community existed for the world’s great alt-dairy brands that could mirror the techniques that the dairy industry has been using for decades and provide a forum for networking and knowledge-sharing in an environment of mutual respect and understanding.”

Brands can now register their interest in membership at



Date Published: 14th July 2021

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