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3rd February 2022  Content supplied by: Alpha MOS

Alpha MOS Has an Electronic Nose to Help R&D Teams Reimagine Foods (Free Downoload)

Cultured and plant protein products are taking the complexity of food production to a new level. Not only do food manufacturers have to deal with the traditional supply chain, certification, and regulatory challenges, they also have to create brand and lifestyle-defining products with consistent quality and innovative flavors.

One of the most difficult aspects of creating products for the alternative protein market is to combine new and old ingredients in completely novel ways. This process usually starts with human panels of R&D teams trying to understand and match “wild” or natural flavors.

While chemistry and food technology expertise is essential, having a good nose plays an essential part too.

Alpha MOS, a company that designs and manufactures analytical instruments for chemical and sensory analysis, developed an "electronic nose", called Heracles, that can greatly speed up this step.

Download their white paper to learn:

  • How Heracles works
  • How it complements and supports traditional testing methods
  • How it helps food brands deliver consistency and quality

Download the white paper



Date Published: 3rd February 2022

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