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8th June 2022  Content supplied by: Müller’s Mühle

Allergen-Free and Protein-Rich: Highly Functional Legume Flour Concentrates

Müller's Mühle Business Solution had a hugely successful trade fair presence at IFFA 2022, where it showcased its SMART® Pulses Pro range of legume flours. The entirely natural flour concentrates obtained by air separation are allergen-free, clean label, and high in protein, making them ideally suited for the production of texturates for plant-based meat alternatives.

For the first time, plant-based meat alternatives were given their own exhibition segment at IFFA, reflecting this rapidly growing trend, and there was lively interest in the legume flours from Müller's Mühle. Christian Bärenwalde, International Sales Manager B2B, says: "We attracted a lot of attention from attendees at IFFA, and were able to hold numerous inspiring discussions about our innovative flour concentrates.“

Natural raw material for plant-based meat alternatives
Müller's Mühle’s legume flours are a natural and resource-saving raw material ideally suited for meat-alternative texturates that also optimise the nutritional profile of plant-based concepts and hybrid applications. The key factor here is the high protein content, which is increased to up to 65 percent through an innovative air separation process.

Made exclusively from legumes such as yellow pea and fava bean, the flours are also allergen-free and clean label. "Many visitors were particularly interested in the natural and anti-allergenic properties of our concentrates," explains Bärenwalde. "We obviously have our finger on the pulse in more ways than one!"

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Date Published: 8th June 2022

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