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3rd March 2022  Content supplied by: Geltor Inc

After Completing Full-Scale Manufacturing Run of Its Vegan Collagen, Geltor Gets Ready for Launch

Biodesign company Geltor announced the successful completion of a commercial-scale manufacturing run of PrimaColl®, the high-purity bioactive collagen for food and beverage made with zero animal inputs.

Unlike plant-based "collagen builders," which are not true collagens, and those derived from animals, PrimaColl® is the first real collagen suitable for kosher, halal and vegan diets.

The 5-month manufacturing process was completed in fall 2021 in partnership with Arxada, a global provider of specialty chemicals and microbial control solutions. 

"Biodesign is the future of manufacturing and the backbone of product innovation for a number of industries today," said Geltor CEO and co-founder, Alex Lorestani. "Our team has been steadily scaling up our technology and manufacturing capabilities since our first proof of concept in 2016, and we've only begun scratching the surface of possibilities. The commercial availability of PrimaColl® signals that using biodesign to create new materials is no longer a pipe dream, but a reality. Consumers can expect to see biodesigned ingredients on shelves in their favourite products."

The completion of this latest manufacturing campaign is an important milestone for Geltor’s fermentation production capacity from tens of thousands to millions of litres in just two years. 

In addition to its impressive scale-up achievements, Geltor has also been able to further increase its protein production yields significantly.

"We are proud to be Geltor´s partner of choice to develop an innovative process to scale up the commercial production of PrimaColl®. Our team has worked closely with Geltor to meet their unique requirements and enable the rapid development and completion of this process. We look forward to continuing to partner with Geltor to help further expand and enhance its manufacturing and production processes,"  said Lukas von Hippel, Vice President, Head of Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) at Arxada.

Formulators and brand marketers have maintained their excitement about the new high-purity, bioactive ingredient that directly supports their commitments to sustainability and responsible sourcing.

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Date Published: 3rd March 2022

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