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17th February 2022  Content supplied by: ADM (Archer Daniels Midland)

ADM Releases Report With the 7 Trends Pushing the Growth of the Alt Protein Sector

ADM, a global leader in nutrition and the world’s premier agricultural origination and processing company, released its alternative protein outlook, a deeper dive into the seven emerging trends that will drive the alternative protein market in the upcoming months.

1. Novel protein sources.
While the industry’s continued focus is on pea and soy, brands are exploring new ways to supplement the growing demand for novel proteins. Besides cell-based and fermented solutions, a number of new and existing players are exploring the use of air particles, volcanic ash, seaweed, insects, and more.

2. Fermentation-as-a-service.
The interest in microbial fermentation as a method for developing alternative protein products is definitely gaining traction. Global players like ADM offering support to food and wellness brands interested in food-grade fermentation, with downstream processing, lab services, and consulting.

3. Whole-muscle plant-based solutions.
Whole-muscle, plant-based meat products are becoming increasingly available to consumers in markets all over the world. These solutions will continue to evolve as brands seek out novel ways to reproduce the texturization of animal meat cuts, from T-bone steaks to shellfish. It won’t be long before families are carving whole-muscle plant-based turkeys over the holidays.

4. Innovation and transparency from seed to fork.
As concerns about climate change continue to grow, consumers demand greater sustainability in existing food systems. Seed-to-fork initiatives leverage cutting-edge technology to improve seed breeding, and lessen the cost, time and environmental impact of protein production. 

5. Moving toward price parity of cultivated meat products.
Althouh cultivated meat hasn’t reached price parity yet, the industry is making quick progress in that direction. For example, last December Future Meat Technologies announced that it is now producing cultivated chicken breast for just $7.70 per pound, down from approximately $18 per pound six months prior. 

6. Kid-friendly product formats.
Plant-based chicken nuggets are just the beginning. New products featuring kid-friendly flavors, colors and formats are becoming a focus for brands looking to appeal to flexitarian parents and kids across varying life stages and ages, from yogurt to pizza and mac-and-cheese. 

7. Plant-based versions of traditional cuisines.
To meet the growing global demand for traditional dishes, brands are exploring solutions that can provide the regional specificity and appeal that today’s consumers desire, from plant-based shawarma to schnitzel and shrimp dumplings. 

Each of these emerging trends will have an impact on the plant-based marketplace in the years ahead. 

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Date Published: 17th February 2022

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