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28th August 2023  Content supplied by: Hanson Wade

Addressing your DSP Challenges with Helaina, Motif FoodWorks, BlueNalu

New Culture, Motif FoodWorks, and BlueNalu are just a handful of companies who have been telling us how reducing their downstream costs is critical for getting novel foods to customers. Let’s face it – no one will pay $25 for a chicken nugget or some cheese, no matter how delicious your formulation team has made it.

The industry must come together and collectively address the technical bottlenecks of downstream processing, and where better than at the DSP for Alternative Proteins & Cellular Agriculture Summit (September 26-28 | San Francisco, CA)?

Here's a sneak peek of the top sessions that are addressing major challenges:

  • Implementing in-house process modelling to predict downstream processing requirements in R&D with Motif FoodWorks
  • Transitioning from lab to pilot scale rapidly to determine the feasibility of downstream processing with Helaina
  • Controlling the ambient environment of a scale-up growth facility for cellular agriculture to ensure adequate cell culture proliferation with Orbillion Bio
  • Navigating a complex international regulatory landscape to achieve harmony across frameworks with BlueNalu
  • Developing assays to characterize the product in the context of commercialization with Impossible Foods

Do you resonate with any of these challenges at your company?

Time is running out to join the DSP for Alternative Proteins & Cellular Agriculture Summit, so if you'd like to take advantage of the unmissable content across 3 hands-on workshops and 2 days of data-driven case studies.

Register your place today!



Date Published: 28th August 2023

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