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22nd March 2023  Editorial by: newprotein staff writer

ACI Group Brings Glac Biotech's Innovative Pro and Postbiotics to the UK Market

Leading UK distributor ACI Group has partnered with global experts in probiotic and post-biotic integrated solutions, Glac Biotech Co. Ltd, to distribute its ingredients in the UK.

Glac Biotech Co Ltd. is a Taiwan-based manufacturer considered one of the most innovative players in the functional ingredients market today; With this collaboration, the ACI Group hopes to enable its customers to gain access to a growing plethora of clinically proven probiotics and postbiotics, which can be used to answer the health and nutrition concerns of UK based consumers.

Founded in 2008, Glac Biotech Co Ltd. manufactures probiotics and postbiotics from its two factories in the Chiayi and Tainan areas of Taiwan, with a corporate office located in Taipei. The company is one of the first global players to establish probiotic screening to order to identify each bacteria’s function and subsequently conduct further clinical human studies according to IRB guidelines; the company’s raw material PRONULIFE® was released to the Asia market in 2018.

PRONULIFE® is considered one of the top product lines of Glac Biotech, backed by 142 worldwide patents, 105 scientific publications, and clinical human studies involving more than 3,000 subjects. Each strain of PRONULIFE aims to deliver high biological activity to deliver unique benefits in gut and gastric health, immunity, reproductive health, oral health, and metabolic health – this includes functions such as sleep support, uric acid control, glucose control, weight management, kidney health management and strengthening sports performance.

"Consumer trends have shown in recent years that there is a growing need for positive nutrition in the form of functional food, beverage, and supplements," said Karsten Smet, CEO of ACI Group. "This shift to a health-conscious mindset has been accelerated in part by the Covid-19 pandemic and lengthier waiting times for NHS appointments, where health-savvy consumers want to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. Last year, it was reported that 38% of Britons took vitamins, minerals, or supplements daily, while in product innovation, powders, and capsules remain the most popular format for new supplements globally, closely followed by gummies. In addition, we are also seeing nutraceuticals being added to food applications directly."

Along with PRONULIFE®, Glac Biotech's innovative range includes single-strain probiotics and a postbiotic powder called Totipro®, which promotes Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium growth, encouraging absorption in the gut to improve digestive health.

Having undertaken more than 15 years of in-depth study into probiotics and with 142 global patents, Glac Biotech can provide its ingredients with industry-leading, clinically proven accreditation.

Glac Biotech uses a patented micro-encapsulation technology and liquid nitrogen freeze-drying system to maximize the survival rate of the bacteria. Plus, Glac Biotech has won international recognition for its PRONEX® and PRIMETEK® technologies, combining scientific research and development, the production of functional probiotic powder, the development of functional applications, the design of formulations, and contract manufacturing services.

Reach out to ACI Group for more information about Glac Biotech's clinically proven probiotics and postbiotics using the green button below.



Date Published: 22nd March 2023

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