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25th October 2023  Content supplied by: ICL Food Specialties

A Revolutionary Clean Label Binding Solution for Plant-based Meat and Seafood Applications

ICL Food Specialties and Plantible Foods Launch ROVITARIS® Binding Solution for Plant-Based Meat and Seafood Applications

  • The ROVITARIS® Binding Solution is a novel, clean label binding solution for plant-based meat and seafood applications replacing most chemically processed binders
  • Formulated with Rubi Protein RuBisCO, the most nutritionally complete and abundant plant-based protein on earth.

ICL Food Specialties, a leading manufacturer of functional ingredient solutions, and Plantible Foods, a vertically integrated biology platform and RuBisCO ingredient producer, has announced the launch of a revolutionary clean label binding solution for plant-based meat and seafood applications. ROVITARIS® Binding Solution powered by Rubi Protein™ is a one-of-a-kind functional protein system that can replace most chemically processed binders in plant-based meat and seafood formulations without compromising the authentic taste and texture consumers crave.

The launch is part of a multi-year commercial agreement between Plantible and ICL to introduce one of the first RuBisCO-enabled ingredients into food systems. The two companies, which have been collaborating on the creation and development of new plant-based ingredient toolkits, are excited to commercialize their latest innovation.

Plant-based protein formulators have been searching for a clean label, highly functional replacement for chemically derived binders, such as methylcellulose, for years,” says Rado Sporka, vice president of the Food Specialties Commercial Business for ICL. “In partnership with Plantible Foods, we were able to leverage our deep knowledge of proteins to create a market-leading binding solution that will allow plant-based food manufacturers to meet the needs of even the most demanding consumers.”

This proprietary clean label binding solution is formulated with our Rubi Protein RuBisCO, the most nutritionally complete and abundant plant-based protein on earth,” says Tony Martens, co-founder of Plantible Foods. “This highly functional, nutritious protein, derived from sustainably grown lemna, enhances the taste, texture, and nutrition of virtually any food application. Working with the team at ICL to develop and commercialize this groundbreaking solution provides a great opportunity to breathe new life into plant-based food innovation.”

The ROVITARIS Binding Solution powered by Rubi Protein has enhanced nutritional qualities, low allergenicity, and superior binding and gelling properties to meet the formulation challenges of forward-looking plant-based meat and seafood manufacturers.

This solution will be commercially available in 2024 in the United States through ICL Food Specialties and Plantible Foods.

For more information on how this binding solution works in formulation, click here to download the white paper or contact ICL Food Specialties using the green "Request Information" button below.



Date Published: 25th October 2023

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