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24th March 2021  Content supplied by: Axiom Foods Inc.

1st Generation Challenges for Non-Dairy Oat Milk: Solved

Oat-based milk, yogurt and ice cream nutrient panels, full of costly added ingredients and allergen warnings while missing natural nutrients, are becoming a thing of the past thanks to the next-generation processing of Axiom Foods’ AvenOlait® oat dairy alternative (“dairy alt”).

The first generation of non-dairy oat ingredients are commonly stripped down. For oat-based milks and yogurts to compete with their dairy competitors, a significant amount of nutrients, oils, gums, added sugars and flavors are often formulated back in, which lengthens the ingredient list while increasing the cost of goods. By stripping down this ingredient, the finished products also lose out on the health claims of oats.

Alternatively, AvenOlait® is nutrient-dense and certified whole grain, which means it is nutritionally similar to whole, uncooked oats; naturally containing many of the same essential vitamins and minerals, protein, fibers aiding digestion, complex carbohydrates for energy, maltodextrin for natural sweetness, and beta glucan for health claims.

“We hope that dairy alt manufacturers who maybe gun-shy having worked with devoid oat-based ingredients will take a second look,” said Axiom Foods’ Director of Food Technology, Rick Ray. ”Our Innovation & Quality teams have seen some surprising lab and functionality test results beyond just an enhanced consumer experience in dairy alts. For example, in addition to testing over 10% more beta glucan in AvenOlait® than in oat flour, the maltodextrin DE levels have taken bread to the next level, between a maillard browning reaction and an unexpected fresh-bakery aroma and taste.”

The next big wave of oat-based dairy alt product claims won’t only include the health benefits of whole oats but also the elusive, sales-building claim of “gluten free oats”, thanks to the innovations of AvenOlait® 2.0.

“This is where Axiom’s U.S. crop sourcing comes in,” added Rick. “The supply is steadily increasing as committed U.S. farmers recognize the opportunity and are getting resourceful, including relocating oat and wheat fields at a distance beyond the flying radius of cross-contaminating birds.”

Rick attributes the unique claims and nutrient-dense functionality to why Axiom is inundated with sample requests now that their AvenOlait™ 2.0 has made it through beta testing, and joined their signature OryzOlait® rice dairy alternative - also made in the U.S.

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Date Published: 24th March 2021

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