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Science of Alt Protein: Production of Animal Fat Substitutes by Yeasts

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: 16 Feb 2023

Sector: Cellular Agriculture, Specialised Ingredients

Type: Webinar

Applied uses of yeasts have expanded well beyond beer, bread, and wine. This talk hosted by the Good Food Institute will focus primarily on Dr. Boundy-Mills’ research on yeasts that convert inexpensive substrates into oils. This includes substitutes for animal fat and tropical oils for meat substitutes, renewable alternatives to petroleum, and a new class of glycolipid biosurfactants.


Her research program uses the more than 1,500 species in the Phaff Yeast Culture Collection at UC Davis, plus over 60 years of unpublished data. By using her knowledge of yeasts in general, and the collection’s specimens and data, partnerships with industry have resulted in the discovery of yeasts useful for a broad range of basic and applied uses.




Online event

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