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Plant Molecular Farming for Alternative Proteins and Agbio Summit

Please Note : This is an old event click here to know more about organizer

: 11 Jun 2024 - 12 Jun 2024

: Raleigh, United States

Sector: Specialised Ingredients

Type: Conference - In person

To align with scalable horizons and economic potential in utilizing plants as bio-factories, we present to you the Plant Molecular Farming for Alternative Proteins & Agbio Summit:

  • Join our GFI and C-suite led workshops, where you will exceed both technical and commercial objectives for your molecular farming-derived products
  • Participate in an interactive session with the FDA to diffuse safety bottlenecks and receive answers to your burning questions
  • Collaborate with the likes of Impossible Foods, Miruku, Moolec, Mozza Foods, Core Biogenesis, BioBetter and PoLoPo to unlock new potential for molecular farming-derived alternative proteins and growth factors
  • Delve into end-to-end case studies, from technical expertise to strategic partnerships, to front-load your commercial know-how


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United States


Hanson Wade

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Postbiotics in Focus...