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Opportunities in the Functional Beverage Space

Please Note : This is an old event click here to know more about organizer

: 9 Nov 2023 - 9 Jan 2024

Sector: Specialised Ingredients

Type: Webinar, Recorded Webinar

Join Sensapure Flavors and FMCG Gurus for a dive into the opportunities in the functional beverage (RTD) space in 2024. This review of the latest research in customer attitudes, interests, expectations, and trends will help sharpen your product development efforts and plans for 2024. Insights into the “Post Covid” world of heath, wellness, lifestyle aspirations of the functional beverage consumer will be shared. Don’t miss this data-driven presentation that examines the consumer’s wants and wishes for the next year and beyond.


3 Key Learning Points:

  • Evaluate changing health goals and purchasing in a post-pandemic environment where health is more considered.
  • Understand how health goals differ amongst seniors and young adults – and what issues they are most looking to address.
  • Determine what product attributes and claims most influence purchasing behavior in the functional beverage market.

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Online event


FMCG Gurus

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Top 10 Trends - Oppo...