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Navigating the Prebiotic Boom for Health and Wellness

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: 5 Dec 2023

Sector: Specialised Ingredients

Type: Webinar

This presentation hosted by FMCG Gurus and NutriLeads will examine consumer awareness, understanding, and usage of prebiotics, and what opportunities exist within the market. We will also take a deeper dive into what prebiotics are, how they work and why not all prebiotics are the same. And why it’s important as a prebiotic supplier to show the health effects beyond gut health. Finally, we will provide a perspective from the consumer products manufacturing side.


What you will learn:

  • Evaluate how consumers are taking a proactive approach to health, and what this means for the prebiotics market.
  • Determine what the key reasons are for purchasing prebiotics and what claims on products are most influential on purchasing habits.
  • Understand what can be done to educate consumers more about prebiotics and the role they play in facilitating a healthy lifestyle.
  • Understand what prebiotics are, how they function, and what to consider when choosing a prebiotic ingredient for your consumer product.




Online event


FMCG Gurus

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