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International Course on Alternative Proteins: From Extraction to Applications

Please Note : This is an old event click here to know more about organizer

: 12 Dec 2023

: Amiens, France

Sector: Cellular Agriculture, Plant Based, Specialised Ingredients

Type: Conference - In person

This course will be offered in English and presents an opportunity to (re)discover the fundamentals of alternative proteins, from methods of production to applications. Plus there is a visit of IMPROVE's R&D centre at the end of the day: a good opportunity to see the facilities.


Topics covered include:

  • Production of alternative proteins - market & challenges, existing processes strengths and limits, recent innovations and trends
  • Sources of alternative proteins and their properties - plant proteins (pulses,   oilseeds, cereals), insects, single-cells (yeast, micro-algae), precision fermentation
  • Quality aspects of novel proteins and link with applications - physico-chemical   properties, functional properties, nutrition
  • Post-treatment and modification - Hydrolysis, toasting and extrusion
  • Food applications and formulation - meat alternatives, dairy alternatives, nutritional   supplements, egg replacers
  • Visit of IMPROVE’s pilot plant and laboratories


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