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Approval and Market Access of Novel Food in the EU: Regulatory Pathways and Challenges

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: 28 Sep 2023

Sector: Food Safety and Quality

Type: Webinar

28 September 2023, 4 PM CET, On-line


  • Discover the Key Ingredients: Learn how to craft a comprehensive dossier that complies with all the crucial regulations and guidelines. Don’t let your dream product get stuck in regulatory limbo! We will take you on a journey through the EU’s Novel Food system, revealing the dos and don’ts that will propel your novel food to success!
  • Uncover the Alternative Proteins Edge: Find out why alternative proteins are taking the world by storm and how they fit into the novel food landscape. Be ahead of the game in this booming market.
  • Insights from EFSA Opinions: Gain a competitive advantage by delving into recently submitted Novel Food applications and learning valuable lessons from EFSA Opinions.
  • Time is Money: Avoid costly delays and financial setbacks by mastering the approval and market access process. Your product deserves its moment in the spotlight!


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Online event

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Postbiotics in Focus...