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Advancing Cell Based Protein and Fermentation Solutions

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: 22 Feb 2022

: Singapore, Singapore

Sector: Cellular Agriculture

Type: Conference - In person, Conference - Virtual

“The Promising Future of Cell Based/Cultured Protein & Regulatory Developments"


As technology advances for cell based protein production , can it disrupt the global meat/seafood market ?


Cell cultured meat is well on the way to achieving price parity with traditional meat. Aside from being kinder to the environment, cell-based meat offers many advantages. It does not suffer from the risk of animal infectious disease, it is controllable and tunable and may be possible for commercial scale production without antibiotics given that antibiotic use is a key concern for the conventional meat industry. Last December, Singapore became the first country in Asia to approve cell cultured meat. While the USA is readying itself and regulatory framework is in place, they have not yet nailed down the current ambiguities with nomenclature. Identifying the most descriptive and appealing name for cell-based meat is crucial to facilitate further discussions, enhance investor interests, build consumer confidence.


Cell-based meat, clean meat, Cultured meat, Cultivated meat, in vitro meat, lab meat - what would best describe this category is still a key concern.


Global seafood supply is currently not able to meet rising demand which has been estimated to increase by 30% from 2010-2030. In recent weeks, companies developing cell-based fish and shellfish have been drawing attention as they advance commercialization plans and develop strategic partnerships to prepare for global market launch.


CMT has lined up a top panel of speakers/experts and promising start ups that will share new developments, advancing cell-based protein for commercial global production.


  • Mirte Gosker, Acting Managing Director, The Good Food Institute APAC
  • David J Ettinger, Managing Partner, Keller & Heckman
  • Amy Chen, Chief Operating Officer, Upside Foods
  • Ziliang Yang, Co-Founder & CEO, CellX
  • Yuki Hanyu, CEO, IntegriCulture
  • Eugene Wang, Co-Founder & CEO, Sophie's BioNutrients (Singapore)
  • Tim Noakesmith, Founder & CCO, Vow Food
  • Dr. KaYi Ling, Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder, Shiok Meats
  • Yip Hon Mun, Executive Vice President, TurtleTree Labs
  • Leo Groenewegen, CEO, CellulaREvolution
  • Dr. Matthew Zhao, Massey University
  • Aaron Chua, Co Founder & CEO, Fisheroo


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