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3rd International Conference: Plant & Cell-based Alternatives to Milk - Developments in Israel

Please Note : This is an old event click here to know more about organizer

: 19 Apr 2023

Sector: Plant Based

Type: Conference - Virtual

Plant-based alternatives to dairy products have long since gone from niche products to mainstream. Meanwhile, dairies themselves are also driving this development. The global market will reach an annual volume of around € 40 billion in the coming years, and further developments are still ahead.

In this context, it is consumers and the supermarket chains that are positively influencing demand.  They also are increasingly interested in the issues of health, sustainability and animal welfare.


In order to better meet the sensory and functional demands of consumers for food products - especially meat and dairy products - for some time, there has been concrete research and development into ways to achieve cellular agriculture.  

A number of startups in Israel have already made great strides toward plant- and cell-based alternatives. So, it is not surprising that we all look to Israel when asked for the latest findings on this matter.

For this reason, we have invited the leading companies from Israel to present their most recent developments and market solutions in a shared virtual event.

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Online event


muva kempten GmbH

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