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Future Proteins: Sustainable Processing and Packaging

Join us at the first-ever Future Proteins Conference on Sustainable Processing & Packaging on February 1-2, 2023. The two-day event promises to be a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight from esteemed keynote speakers from the field, to network with experts and your peers, and to experience first-hand a wide range of state-of-the-art, sustainable

qPCR for the Detection of Allergens and Animal Residues in Alt Protein Products

Alternative protein-rich ingredients can pose an allergy risk. Plus, to comply with legislation and keep consumers’ trust, food producers of, e.g. vegan products, must ensure the absence of animal residues in their products. R-Biopharm offer a range of reliable analytical solutions for your allergen management.

Your Guide to Ingredients for Alternative Dairy Products

Learn about the three main areas of innovation: Plant-Based Milk and Dairy, Ingredients from Advanced Fermentation and Cultivated Milk and Dairy

Insect Based Ingredients for Food and Feed

Read newprotein's latest special focus on the insect industry, featuring insect-based ingredients (proteins, fats, feed, etc.), equipment and services.

newprotein Newsletter - latest ingredients for alt protein new product development teams

Featuring the latest product updates from manufacturers within the new protein space and a searchable database of suppliers, make sure your novel processed foods and beverages include the best possible ingredients to achieve organoleptic perfection. Whether you're working to make insect-based proteins more acceptable or improving the flavour of plant-based milk

Find Suppliers of Algal Based Ingredients for Food Processors

Macroalgae, Microalgae and Seaweed - what's the difference? Find the complete list of algal protein suppliers for food or feed formulations, as well as equipment manufacturers.

Buyers Guide to Insect Protein

Where can you get hold of black fly larvae? How do I get equipment for farming insects? Find out on this buyers guide from newprotein.net - connect directly to manufacturers using the click of a button.