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Enhancing the Nutritional Value of Plant-based Foods

While plant-based meals can provide many of the nutrients your body needs, they can also be deficient in a few common nutrients. Food product developers can get around these problems by the addition of suitable ingredients. Here we take a look at some of the potential challenges and how to overcome them.

What's on Show at FiE

Every re-formulation or new product development brief brings its own set of challenges, whether it is meeting a certain price point, delivering a clean label, looking and tasting delicious, or providing the desired nutritional profile.  It can be hard to know where to begin. Plus, with limited time to evaluate raw

Engevita® HiPRO Beyond: a Sustainable, Alternative, Fermentation Protein

Engevita® HiPRO Beyond is a high-quality, complete protein. Allergen-free, vegan and non-GMO. This sustainable option is ideal for a wide range of plant-based food and health products, including protein bars and beverages, meal replacements, and dairy and non-dairy applications.

Ingredients for Sports Nutrition and Health Foods: A NewProtein Special Focus

In this NewProtein special focus, you'll find ingredients for Protein Enrichment/Fortification, ingredients/insights on improving Cognitive Health, and the latest updates for your Gut Health/Microbiome.

Plant-Based Omega 3 Sources: Targeting the Brain Health Market

On the 27th and 28th of September, FMCG Gurus and FrieslandCampina Ingredients, in collaboration with GOED, will host two webinars for regions around the world, examining the opportunity for cognitive health innovation in plant-based omega-3 sources. Unlock Cognitive Wellness: Innovate with Plant-Based-Omega-3 – Connecting the Latest Consumer and Scientific Insights (NAM/EMEA/

The Future of Protein Production Live!

With more than 500 delegates expected and +30 exhibiting companies, this in-person conference and exhibition will boast the same high-quality agenda that has made the annual Future of Protein Production Summit the industry’s preeminent virtual platform for showcasing the latest innovative breakthroughs to help accelerate the commercialization and scaling of alt proteins.

Precision Fermentation vs Cell Cultivated a NewProtein Special Focus

In this NewProtein special focus, find fermentation capacity, ingredients made by precision fermentation, cultivated meat, focused trade associations and interest groups and relevant industry meetings.

Microalgae for the Foods and Feeds of the Future

This ProFuture conference will provide attendees with exclusive insights into key project outcomes, the latest advancements in microalgae research, and the future directions for innovation in this field. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore other groundbreaking research projects and engage in a policy discussion about the future of alternative proteins

Where to Find Food Product Development Expertise - a NewProtein Special Focus

Outsourcing new product development to specialized centres can provide access to expertise, resources, and facilities that may not be available in-house, leading to faster and more cost-effective development of alternative food protein products. Browse this NewProtein special focus to discover the perfect fit for your NPD project.

5th Industrializing Cultivated Meat & Seafood Summit, Boston

Join the returning Industrializing Cultivated Meat & Seafood Summit at the new East Coast location to tackle bottlenecks being faced internationally in the cell-based agriculture field. Boasting exclusive insights from international regulatory leads and technical experts spanning cell media, scaffolding and scale-up, and strategical investment leads. With a bonus workshop day covering end-to-end