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Using VITAL Reference Doses for Allergen Labelling

: 15 Feb 2023

: On line training, United Kingdom

Sector: Algae, Cellular Agriculture, Dairy & Eggs, Insects, Plant Based, Specialised Ingredients

Type: Training

This half day online course, led by one of our expert consultants, will delve into the use of VITAL reference doses and consider how they can be used when deciding whether to display precautionary allergen labelling.


We will explore the different situations in which this approach can be adopted and consider some of the common stumbling blocks we see businesses encounter. We discuss the legal requirements for allergen labelling and the key aspects of allergen risk analysis, highlighting when the use of precautionary labelling should be considered.


Delegates will then be invited to apply their new knowledge during an interactive exercise designed to help cement the learnings from the course.


Who should attend

This course is ideal for those involved in allergen risk analysis and in the decision-making process around whether precautionary allergen labelling should be used. This course is also beneficial to those who may need to review how other businesses have taken decisions to apply precautionary labelling, such as suppliers.


Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will:

Know the legal requirements around allergen labelling
Be aware of the basics of allergen risk analysis and how this links to precautionary allergen labelling
Understand how VITAL reference doses can be used to support decisions about precautionary labelling
Know the different situations in which using VITAL reference doses are appropriate
Be aware of the challenges and be able to avoid the common errors made when using the approach


For more information and registration visit www.rssl.com


On line training
United Kingdom

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