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Nizo Dairy Webcast Series: Protein Transition

: 30 Jun 2022

Sector: Plant Based

Type: Webinar

How to develop plant-based food products that are tasty, healthy, stable, safe and sustainable?


As the protein transition gathers steam, many opportunities arise for the food and dairy industries. The global vegan food market was valued by Bloomberg Intelligence at almost 30 billion US dollars in 2020, with dairy alternatives accounting for more than 50 percent of the revenue.


This provides huge opportunities to both multinationals and start-ups. Taking advantage of this growth requires the tools to formulate great tasting products that consumers will love, and this is exactly where NIZO excels.


This webcast will cover:
  • Choosing the right protein
  • Eliminating off-flavours
  • Improving creaminess
  • Shelf life and food safety


In an online presentation on Thursday, June 30, 3-3.30PM CET, Fred van de Velde, Expertise Group Leader Protein Functionality, will talk about plant-based proteins and the importance of choosing the right one for your dairy alternative.


The presentation will be followed by a live and interactive Q&A session.


Register here or contact the event organizer for details using the green "Request Information" button below.


Online event



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